Wodnut is a reflection of our passion to live an optimal, healthy and balanced lifestyle. The journey to health and happiness should be everyone’s number 1 life goal.  Lucky for me this has been ingrained from a young age. Yes, it does help to have health conscious and motivated parents. So, to those who are parents, lead by example in all aspects of life. This is the best gift you can ever give. 

Although I was lucky to have good foundations, I believe my journey to fitness only really began after the discovery of Paleo and Crossfit.  To clarify, I have always exercised.  As a matter of fact I’ve pretty much been exercising 3-4 times a week for over 15 years. I have gone through phases like being the “Step fanatic”, the “Spin fanatic” and the “Body attack” fanatic. I’ve even spent one year religiously doing Bikram and Power Vinyasa, 5 days a week before it became popular.  On top of exercising, I am relatively health conscious and am blessed with good genes.  Yes, I’ve never been on any diet, nor did I want to go on any diet.  After all I love my food. 

So what happened you ask? What’s with Crossfit and Paleo that makes it so different?  Why has it changed my life? Without going into too much detail (as you can read about it under Learn), for me, it was like someone had switched on the light.  Then this is what happens...

 The more you change, the more you change | wodnut

The key things I have learnt in my journey are:

  • Information on nutrition can be so misleading.   Read and critique. Check the source. Just because something is published does not mean it is true.
  • View food as your medicine. Healthy food does not have to taste bad. Keep in mind how nutrient dense it is.
  • Everyone has his or her own bio-individuality. Educate yourself so that you can be conscious of how your body should feel when you eat or move.
  • Understand basic nutrition and movement (anatomy). This will help you improve your quality of life. I believe this really should be taught in school. However until then, take control of your own life.
  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.   Simple as that! This applies physically and emotionally.
  • Only when you are outside your comfort zone, will change occur. Truly.
  • Everything is interrelated. That is, nothing works in isolation. To create the optimal version of you, look at the body, mind and spirit. Practice self-awareness. Ask yourself ‘Why do I feel the way I feel physically and emotionally?’ Remember emotional feelings can affect your physical well-being.

And finally, remember it’s a journey. Continually learn and optimise.  I deliberately use the word “optimise” as just being able to do something should not suffice.  Look at doing things in the most efficient and effective manner.  Strive for progress. The best example of this is that everyone can run. However is your running technique effective and efficient? Have you even thought about it? Why do we expect processes at work to be optimised, but not everyday life activities? 

Our Mission

The health and fitness industry is constantly changing. Mainstream media is often full of misleading information. Fat is bad for you. Eating grains is wholesome. What's right, what's wrong? We don't claim to be right as many areas are grey and science always reveals new findings. However our mission is to promote critical thinking by sharing our learnings and our community stories.  Be inspired by everyday people doing amazing things. Be educated and strive to continuously improve your quality of life. Remember there is more to life than the rat race. Understand what makes you happy. At Wodnut, our happiness formula EQUALS the SUM OF fitness, health and Style.  

With that, we present to you all our passions. Wodnut is a one-stop shop for all your Paleo, Crossfit and Style needs.  As Crossfitters we product test before stocking our goods.  Our philosophy is simple. Research, test and only offer brands and products we would personally LOVE or use.  We operate on four core pillars:

  1. Education
  2. Honesty
  3. Community
  4. Simplicity

Our Mission | Wodnut

"Style" Philosophy 

Offering only high quality and unique products that will age gracefully over time.  Our objective is not for you to change your wardrobe every season. This is not sustainable and has no character.  At Wodnut, we love classic pieces reinvented to suit our modern lifestyle. Made by craftsmen, artisans and creative doers who pay attention to the small details. Many items are handmade using materials such as leather, selvedge denim and canvas.  To us, imperfection can add character. 

"Food" Philosophy 

"Let Food by thy Medicine". Eating clean is the foundation to good health. In general the "Paleo Diet" is our template however remember everyone is different thanks to bio-individuality. View "What is Paleo?".

Our philosophy is not to stock EVERYTHING. We will only stock "Top" items of a particular category. Items that are generally hard to find in supermarkets OR Paleo essentials making life easier for you.   

What’s with the name?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, wodnut is composed of WOD and NUT.

WOD is universally known in the Crossfit community to mean Work out of the Day.  “NUT” is often a Paleo staple.   We thought the name had a cute annotation to it.

"To be nuts about my WOD"

"To be nuts about crossfit"

"I love nuts. A perfect Paleo snack" 

The story behind the logo?

The X's most obvious reference is to crossfit, but it also represents a target. A point where everyone strives to be healthy and fit. The oval represents that it's a continuous loop. A continuous journey to learn how to find the perfect balance in life and how to achieve optimal health and happiness. As a whole the logo represents a constant dedication to health, fitness, well-being, and achieving your goals. 

The Story of our Logo | Wodnut

Thanks for stopping by. If you like our philosophy please share. The larger our community, the more we hope to inspire and "BE" inspired.