From fit to graphic design to fabric to printing method. We leave no rock unturned. It's the little details that count. Wodnut shirts are designed to be simple and timeless. Vintage influenced with subtle inspirational messages that appeal to every walk of life. We love colours, we love textures and are Crossfitters aiming to take design outside the Box. Wear our shirts casually however if you desire, you can also WOD (Work out of the Day) in them. Most of our fabric and screen printing techniques have been selected to withstand the abuse of Crossfit. Check the product description for our "WOD Tested" symbol.

Taking Crossfit and Design outside the Box

Why Wodnut Shirts?

No unisex tee

All our shirts have the following:

  • Printed size label - This not only looks good. It provides extra comfort with no tag sticking out/in issues.
  • Pip Tags - All our tees and tanks have the premium Wodnut pip tag.
  • Screen Printing - "WOD tested" shirts uses screen printing techniques that can take Crossfit abuse. Our shirts are designed to last and maintain shape.
  • Polybag - Each shirt is polybagged to ensure they are stored and shipped in pristine conditions. 


Most websites only offer unisex shirts. Our question, why? Females are different so why forced them to wear unisex T-shirts (i.e. unless they want to). We print our designs on both male and female specific tees.   

All of our shirts are designed to be tailored or slim fit for a more stylish look. Show off your hard work at the Box and if you prefer a loser fit, maybe size up. Check each product descriptions and the size chart for more detail.


Our T-shirts can be one of the following. Check the product descriptions of each individual shirt.

  • Tri-blend
  • Cotton/Polyester
  • 100% Combed Cotton

Triblends are made of the combination of 50% polyester, 25% combed cotton, 25% rayon. The combed cotton provides extra comfort and softness, while the polyester adds durability making these shirts perfect to work out in. Triblends are the lightest in weight of all 3 fabrics generally making it the preferred workout fabric. We like how one of our customer's put it. "This may be the first shirt ever I don't take off". Does not shrink after wash.

Cotton/Polyesters are 50:50 blends. Like triblends, cotton adds comfort while the polyester adds durability. They are however slightly thicker than the triblends but are still breathable and suitable for working out in. Does not shrink after wash.

100% Combed Cotton are super comfortable shirts. Generally better for casual wear as they can lose it's shape overtime with intensive workouts like Crossfit. May shrink after multiple wash.

Printing Technique

All our shirts are screen printed to produce a super soft print for added comfort. 

Care Instructions

The best way to care for your shirt is to:

  • Wash them inside out 
  • Preferably use a laundry bag 
  • In Cold water 
  • Hang dry