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Can anyone do Crossfit? I need to get fit first.

That defeats the purpose. Crossfit is for everyone and is one of the most effective ways of getting fit. Yes, anyone can do crossfit regardless of your fitness level. All movements are scalable.  What this means is that movements are scaled to your capacity.  For example I may use a 8kg barbell when another person may be using 40kg.  I may be doing a progression movement and not the workout as prescribed. For example, if I have yet to master Double Unders I may do single skips instead.

Please note however that it may however not be your cup of tea. Be prepared to work the hardest you have ever worked.

Check out this video on Betsy Finley who is 61 years young.

Is it safe? I hear of lots of injuries.

All sports have a risk of injury. If it isn’t challenging, it isn’t effective.  Learn to listen to your body.  Your trainer also plays an important role and hence it is important to select the right box for you.  For more on how to select the right affiliate.

Is 15min really enough?

When I first started I wondered whether 15 minutes was suffice. My husband and I are used to spending 1.5 hours at the gym. Trust me once you start, this will no longer be a question.

Does it bulk you?

A lot of females think doing weights bulk you. “Don’t do it, you still want to look feminine”.  Let me assure you that you do not bulk, if you are not intentionally bulking.  By intentional I mean in terms of diet and additional strength exercises.  Most of the pictures you see on the Internet are of Crossfit Elites.  This is not representative of the general population. Yes your body will change, afterall you are getting stronger. However you will not turn into a guerilla overnight.  Many of the Crossfit Elites train multiple times a day and so additional strength work. Having said this if you prefer the image to the right, crossfit probably not for you.

Does crossfit bulk you? | Wodnut

Check out this interesting profile from a model turned crossfitter.

What makes it different?

There are multitude of reasons. Personally I believe the main differentiator is the “community”. Which sport has the last person being cheered on by the rest of the competitors? This makes it fun and motivating.

How to select the right crossfit affiliate?

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Crossfit Jargons

Listening to a Crossfitter talk can be like "eh"? Speak english please. Here's a list of common jargon to help you decipher the language.



WOD Work out of the day
PR Personal record or best
AMRAP As many rounds/reps as possible
RX When you complete a workout as prescribed. That is, the number of reps or weights or routine.
Hero WOD A set of movements created by Greg Glassman in honour of fallen war veterans. Designed to be repeatable and measurable as a benchmark WOD to gaunge improvements.
Box What a crossfitter would call their crossfit affiliate or gym. 
EMOM Every Minute on the Minute. For every minute you will complete a prescribed set of movements. The faster you complete the movements, the more rest time you may have. The movement is then repeated on the next set of minute.