Our Story

Wodnut was founded in 2013 by 2 Crossfitters passionate in design, Crossfit and Paleo.  The objective of Wodnut is to inspire people to take control and to strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of life. We want to take you outside the Box. "Outside the Box" literally and figuratively speaking. Our shirts are tailored fit with subtle details designed so that there is an option for them to be worn casually. No "Wodzilla” or in-your-face Crossfit sayings".  At Wodnut we aim to offer only high quality goods that we ourselves test and believe in. Our differentiation to other WOD gear stores is that we do not aim to stock every item. We do not want to be seen as a superstore but a boutique store where you can trust that whatever you are buying is of high quality and an effective product

As we grow we aim to develop more Wodnut branded goods, not just shirts. We've started with items such as our Premium Leather Mousepads and Mind Over Matter Mugs. The products, like our workouts are always functional yet has good aesthetics. Expect more product development however please be patient as it takes time to develop good products. We are pedantic and want to ensure each product release meets our quality test. If it isn’t already obvious we interpret the old for the new. We love modern vintage as classic goods do not age. All our shirt graphics start life the traditional pen and paper way before they are scanned into Photoshop or Illustrator.  Using traditional hand drawn methods adds character and charm, a dying art in today’s technology world.

Join us in our journey to inspire and create goods that supports a life of passion and dedication.

Work hard stay humble. Be inspired, Be inspiring.

Let’s grow and evolve together.

Mind Over Matter Mugs

How we operate?

We are a small business personally managing everything from product design to product fulfilment. We take pride in what we do and work hard to ensure we exceed your expectations as we believe word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Your end to end experience is important to us and hence we operate on the following pillars:

  1. Educate - We aim to share knowledge and inspire customers. 
  2. Honesty - It's a long term relationship. 
  3. Community - Developing a community to inspire and be inspired.
  4. Simplicity - Keeping processes simple.

 Wodnut shirts

What’s with the name?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, wodnut is composed of "WOD" and "NUT".

As we all know a WOD is universally known in the Crossfit community to mean Work out of the Day.  “NUT” is often a Paleo staple.   Put together we thought the name has some cute annotations. That is:

"To be nuts about my WOD"

"To be nuts about crossfit"

"I love nuts. A perfect Paleo snack" 

Premium Leather Mousepad

The story behind the logo?

Besides being a Cross to represent Crossfit the "X" represents a target or goal. The oval represents a continuous loop. In other words it's a continuous journey to create the best version of "you". Continously learn, improve and evolve. Learn how to find that perfect balance in life to achieve happiness and health.

At Wodnut we are forever students. Students of life. 

The Story of our Logo | Wodnut

If you like our philosophy please share. The larger our community, the more we hope to inspire and "BE" inspired.